An internet game called a MUD, or Multi-User Dungeon, is a text-based adventure game that can be played by many people at once. But if it doesn't have any pictures, how on earth could it be interesting!? Well, NannyMUD has been active for more than a decade, and many people consider both the game and the Nanny community to be a fun and rewarding activity.

What is NannyMUD?
What is a MUD, and what is this Nanny thing? It's a difficult question to answer, no matter how manner times we've been asked! Click here to read some of the players' responses to this question, and some examples of what you might do or see in Nanny.

Features of NannyMUD
Click here to read about some of NannyMUD's features, especially the more technical and computer-related features.

NannyMUD History
NannyMUD has been up and running for twelve years now! Below are some links to information about Nanny's history.

  • The Beginnings - Read, straight from the mouth of the creator Mats, about the dawn of NannyMUD.
  • A Timeline - A year-by-year breakdown of major events in Nanny's history.
  • Some Events and Incidents - Read about a few of the more interesting incidents in Nanny's history.
  • Musings of the Elders - "When I was a mortal, we didn't HAVE swords! Just sharp toothpicks!"

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