Padrone says: Oops.
We were all happily mudding, running around, bashing monsters, chatting, creating etc., when suddenly Padrone says 'Oops'. This was mighty strange, since we couldn't recollect Padrone being in the same location as us. We did 'look' and to our surprise, we found ourselves in Padrones workroom.

Padrone had just tested his new toy, a wiztool in the form or a staff (yes, yet another one). You programmed it in LISP, and during one evaluation padrone made an error. All players currently in the game appeared in his workroom...

The Vasques Incident
In late November 1993, somebody cracked the password of the wizard Vasques. There had been quite some cracking activity from the labs at the Computer Science Department before this, and a guess is that they now had succeded.

The character Vasques logged on and coded a small LPC program that killed all players again and again until they all had level 1; then it kicked them out, but not before it had made them save their new status. In those days, backup was a rare happening, so this incident caused a lot of loss and grief.

Of course Vasques was demoted; one is always responsible for what ones character does. The password should be a carefully kept secret, change now and then and be impossible to crack.

Mym at Play
In late November 1996, a wizard named Mym discovered the hard way what a powerful tool the shell can be, and why one should perhaps set the "dangerlevel" of that tool. He was coding away as usual, chatting on the wizline and just being his usual character, when he managed to make a fatal spelling error. Instead of destructing just the faulty object he was working on, he managed to tell the shell to destruct every object with a call_out() running... this included all shells, some player objects and all guild objects. Fortunately, the cost of this showed to be too much and not everything went down the drain. Let us have a look at the top 13 most popular items destructed:

PopularityNr destructed File nameDescription
176 /std/tools/brainloaderThe shell itself
222 ~akasha/obj/locketThe Lover's Locket
322 /guilds/monks/obj/herbMonk guild's healing herbs
419 /obj/corpseA decaying corpse
512/guilds/khorne/collar/collar The Khorne guild's guild object
69 /obj/soulThe infamous NannyMUD soul
75 /obj/playerPlayers logged on
83 ~earendil/obj/lanternA rather common light source
93 /guilds/magicians/obj/light_obA magic light
102 sheep!A monster with the name "sheep"
112 /obj/torchA mundane light source
122/guilds/druids/tree_facade The Druid guild's guild entrance
132/guilds/adv_guild/adv_guild Guild object of the Adventurers

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