NannyMUD is full of features. Some it shares with many other MUDs, some with other LPMUDs, some with a few other MUDs, and some are outright unique. In this document, you will find descriptions of things that we think show NannyMUD not only is the oldest MUD still up and running, but also the best MUD there is today.

Individually configurable ANSI colours
While many MUDs offer ANSI colours, NannyMUD implements them such that it is the player that decides if he wants them, and exactly what colours are used for the various classes. Thus, the player will not be victim to any wizards artistic ability (or the lack thereof). The colours are smoothly integrated into every aspect of the game. Colours are per default off; this is good for the many terminals that cannot handle colours.

The interactive help system
NannyMUD has a very powerful help system, which can be used interactively. It is easily navigated through a tree-like set of menues. Of course, you can searches on keywords as well as topics. The system also detects typoes and suggest topics that exists that are close to teh typo.

More than 100 unique quests
NannyMUD has over a hundred unique quests to chose from, varying from very simple to very complex. To help questers, there is a Book of Quests, which contains hints on where to start and stories written by the Old Quester. Those stories are useful guides to the quest solutions.

A multitude of puzzles
If you like puzzles, NannyMUD is the place for you. There are many puzzles available, including the classic Go puzzles originating at Genesis.

Some 200 unique areas
There are more than a hundred unique areas in the game, of all sizes, styles and types, and with very different content.

A very large world
The world might be your oyster, but this one is too large to take on in one bite. There are more than 30000 locations available, and then there are virtual lands without end.

Seamless world
Even though the game has so many areas, it is smooth-working. What works in one part of the game will work in any other part, too.

Stable and reliable
NannyMUD opened to the public on April 20, 1990. We are unique in that we have never been down for any prolonged time, neither for recode nor due to equipment failure. We are reliable; NannyMUD isn't going to just suddenly disappear. NannyMUD is an official project at Lysator, the academic computer association at Linköping University. Lysator is supported by the university; it is highly unlikely that our host and/or connection will go away.

Fast connection
The NannyMUD connection to the internet is faster than 155 Mbit/s.This is the real stuff, not a measly T1 connection. Any connection lag will be on your side.

An active Administration
The NannyMUD admin is very well educated, competent, experienced, and perserverent. NannyMUD is unlikely to suddenly disappear due to lack of admin.

Many and versatile guilds
There are numerous guilds in NannyMUD, all with a very developed theme and feeling. They have diverse powers, no two guilds being even near the same.

Clubs for special interests
The clubs are small associations of players around a theme, or a central figure/phenomena/belief.

Personal descriptions
Inside the game, there are numerous possibilities to customise the way your character is presented to others.

Easy to learn
It is easy to learn the basics of the game; less than five minutes of reading should get you going. But mastering it all is another matter, since the game is so large and versatile. It might take a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master.

A '999' service
NannyMUD is available 99.9% of the time, making us a tripple-9 service.

NannyMUD is a very international society. You can meet people from all continents and many cultures here.

Simple character generation
It is very simple to create a character in NannyMUD. Just logon and answer two simple mandatory questions, answer or skip a few others, and you're on. You don't have to go through a long and tedious process of picking various things like race, stats, skills, class, subclass, subsubclass...

Free character generation
Everyone that can connect to NannyMUD can create a character. You don't have to apply for one and wait and wait until approved - or rejected.

NannyMUD is provided free of charge. You don't pay us anything for playing. It is a free service provided by Lysator, the academic computer association at Linköping University.

Location specific help
There is a system in NannyMUD that provides help that is related to the location, instead of for a topic. THis can, for example, provide hints on how to use some services such as mid-mail.

Very social
The best thing about NannyMUD might be the people attending the game. Several people have met their real-life spouses here.

Many different playing styles available
You can pick a playing style that suits you; you can solve puzzles and quests, chat and be sociable, or indulge in mindless killing - or you can do a bit of it all. The choice is yours.

Newbie friendly
The game is friendly to the newbie, with extended help available in the Newbie Booklet which everyone starts out with. Many players are nice and helpful to newbies, too.

Dedicated host
NannyMUD is run on a dedicated, very powerful, host, with lot of resources to spare.

Flexible and powerful lib
The NannyMUD lib is both powerful and flexible, with a wide variety of objects. The lib uses abstraction, hiding internals from the user in such a way that the objects can be updated and improved without breaking existing code.

Easy to code and create
It is very easy to create and code at NannyMUD. You can basically create an ok area without writing a single line of actual code. All you have to do is to fill in templates. Then you can smoothly progress to more complex creations.

Extensive documentation
The documentation, especially on the lib, is very extensive. The help system for coders is XML-based, and has typo-correction builtin. It offers searches based on glob matching, regular expression matching, exact matching, and soundex matching.

Flexible and powerful tools
The wiztool offered to wizards at NannyMUD is powerful with many features. Wizards can easily extend it if they feel anything is lacking, by writing a simple module. The modules provided by the basic implementation offers commands numbered in the hundreds.

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