What is NannyMUD? It's a difficult concept to explain sometimes, so we've enlisted as many opinions as possible!

What is a MUD?

Internet Dictionary @ Mr. Bill's World:
MUD (multi-user dungeon) Modeled on the original Dungeons and Dragons game, it is a group of role-playing games that have been used as conferencing tools and educational tools.
Belegur, a NannyMUD wizard:
MUD by definition is Multi User Dungeon. In other words, it's a medium for playing kind of a pseudo online Dungeons and Dragons. Taken further, it's kind of a chat room deluxe where free actions take reign.
A Med Student's personal page:
A MUD (Multi User Dungeon) in general consists of text descriptions of a "world" made up of "areas" or "zones" which contain a variable number of "rooms" connected by "exits." As part of the scenery, "NPCs" (non-player characters) or "MOBs" (mobiles) and "objects" also exist to interact with. The human component of the game is, of course, the players.
Yaleah, a NannyMUD wizard:
A MUD is like an interactive story. A text world is laid out for you to walk through, and along the way you can -- or must -- watch and examine your surroundings closely or talk to other live players as well as creatures who live inside the game. There are hundreds of MUDs in the world, and though many of them are fantasy/D&D type games, there are dozens of other themes out there on various MUDs. Many people think a computer game without pictures is "boring" or "pointless," but one must wonder if these people are incapable or reading books without pictures as well!
HNEM MudWorld, The MUD Journal:
MUD /muhd/ n. [acronym, Multi-User Dungeon; alt. Multi-User Domain] 1. A class of virtual reality experiments accessible via the Internet. These are real-time chat forums with structure; they have multiple 'locations' like an adventure game, and may include combat, traps, puzzles, magic, a simple economic system, and the capability for characters to build more structure onto the database that represents the existing world. 2. vi. To play a MUD. The acronym MUD is often lowercased and/or verbed; thus, one may speak of 'going mudding', etc.
What is NannyMUD?

NannyMUD's words on NannyMUD:
NannyMUD has been available to the public since the spring of 1990, and has been continously developed during the years. The theme is Epic Fantasy; medieval fantasy with magic. Several different playing styles are possible, from player killing and pure hack-and-slash to quest solving and social chatting. Nannymudders all over the world occasionally gather for some RL partying as well. NannyMUD has a soul, a tool for expressing moods and feelings. It has spread to many other LPMUDs all over the world. The game features over 50000 locations, more than 100 quests, many guilds and even more clubs. The MUD provides all new players with a special guide, introducing the game and giving useful advice.
Belegur, a NannyMUD wizard:
NannyMUD is a MUD that's based in Linkoping, Sweden and though the language of the base country is Swedish, all of the communication and documentation takes place in English. Players from all over the world come to this "community" to interact with each other through many different forms of action. Players can choose to be a killing machine, an exploring fiend or strictly a chat room guru.
Mistress, an Elder NannyMUD knightess:
The MUD as a whole is massive, and there are rooms which to this day have not been discovered. Hours of blood, sweat and tears go into building areas, quests and monsters for players to discover and enjoy, and the imagination of some of the areas can blow your mind... humourous, scary, beautiful descriptions are all found in this MUD.
Yaleah, a NannyMUD wizard:
NannyMUD is a MUD with a medieval fantasy theme. It was one of the first MUDs, it's still around, and it's one of the best. It's based in Sweden, but people from all over the world play and the game language is English.
What is your favourite thing about Nanny?

Mistress, an Elder NannyMUD Knightess:
I, for one, love Nanny, the game is a secondary reason for my spending so much time there as old friendships are reinforced and new ones made with each visit.
Leclerk, the politicky wizard:
The vast diversity of social and cultural backgrounds of the people who meet and chat here. That's what I like with Nanny and why I stick around... the ability to talk with someone who lived in the communist bloc during the Cold War, or someone who lives in Israel, or someone who lives in Northern Ireland... those things I rarely find anywhere else. 8)
Belegur, a NannyMUD wizard:
The friends that I've made. Most of the people that I consistently talk to I've know for at least five years.
Yaleah, a NannyMUD wizard:
Being a wizard, and the creative outlet it provides. The text-based medium is exactly what makes it exciting to try to create places and NPCs and stories that will be fun to play through. Oh, and the fact that I met the love of my life on NannyMUD!

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