Nanny has been up for over a decade, and it is a thriving social community. Over the years, many members of that community have sent in pictures of themselves so that we can match faces with their names. Below is a grouping of some of the pictures we have.

Random pictures:
  • The Grail Machine, Nanny's new UPS, donated by Bowen, Jadow, Live, Marbleleaf, Mistress, Nothel, Raya, and Valdor.

Pictures of admin:

Pictures of wizards:

Pictures of Mortals:

Group Pictures:

How do I get my picture on this page!

  • Pick a picture that depicts you, or preferably a photo. We will not add any more free fantasies, metal dragon statuettes, ... In fact, we have cleaned the archive from those.
  • If you are a wizard, you upload the picture via ftp to your mud directory. Then you can mudmail an admin about it and they will add it to the archive.
  • As a mortal you can upload the picture to Then just tell an admin about it.
  • If you don't have ftp you can send an unencoded version to one of the admin.
  • If you don't have the possibility to get the picture scanned you can always send a photo to one of the admin, and the photo will be scanned as soon as possible.

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