NannyMUD is quite a large endeavor, where people can socialize and have fun, chatting or playing the game, at the same time. The world is created by 'wizards' and maintained by 'admins', to be enjoyed by 'mortals'.

Since many people can be logged on to NannyMUD at once, it has become a very social community as well as a game. With the NannyMUD's "soul," characters can interact with each other with far more personality than in any other chat room or internet environment. Many people have made lasting friendships on NannyMUD, and some people have even met their spouses there.

Who is playing now?
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Player Webpages
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The Admin
Running NannyMUD takes an awful lot of work, and thus we have a team of administrators who shoulder the bulk of the duty. Below is a list of the admin and their duties.

    The Almighty God
  • Mats is the "God" of NannyMUD. He is responsible for its creation, and his current duties include backup, law, ftp, old areas, insta-wizzing, among others.

Picture Archives
Put a few faces with the names! Over the years, many people have sent in pictures of themselves so we can do just that. Click here to see mugshots of some of Nanny's citizens.

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