As a game, NannyMUD leaves many options open to the player. There are several guilds for you to choose from, as well as clubs and parties. You can spend your time as a solitary warrior, killing vicious monsters. Or maybe you'd rather accept a quest for a frantic king, desperate to cure his ailing sons? Here you can read about some of the many different aspects of the NannyMUD game.

Enter the Game!
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A Guide for the Beginner
Waking up to life in the vast world of Nanny can be hard and confusing. But over its long history, Nanny's experienced players have been able to write a booklet to help the newer citizens understand their new home. Click here to read Nanny's newbie booklet.

The NannyMUD FAQ
There are several questions that inevitably come up as people walk through the world of Nanny. Click here to find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

The Guilds
Every player in Nanny is the member of some guild. The guild defines the player's profession, and also a great deal of his or her personality. Click below to read about Nanny's various guilds:

The Clubs
A character is not just defined by his profession in the world of Nanny! There are numerous clubs you can join, all of them created and run by your fellow players. From "The Flatworlder's Club," who insist that Nanny is not round, to "The Gentleman's Club," who... well, see for yourself. Not all clubs have webpages, but click below to read about those that do:

The Quests
Well, brave crusader, are you ready to lend your services to a soul in need? Are you the type to help an aging wizard clear debris from his garden, or will you only rise to more glorious (and profitable) tasks, like looting an ancient treasury?

Gaining experience is crucial to advancing in the game. But one can also gain points toward advancement by solving quests; in fact, the points earned from solving quests go a long way toward advancing.

Click here to read the extensive list of Nanny's quests.

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