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NannyMUD Statistics
Several statistics are kept to track the activity on NannyMUD. Here are a few of interest:

Clients and Resources
Though basic telnet will allow you to play Nanny, people use varied computer programs (or 'clients') to play MUDs. Below are the links to some of these clients and various tools you may use in conjunction with them.

  • zMUD at Zuggsoft
    This is a commersial MUDding client for Windows users. Zuggsoft also creates other software for MUD use.
  • tintin++
    Tintin++ is a freeware client for use on Linux/Unix machines. This page also contains a Windows version called Wintin++.
  • tinyfugue
    Tinyfugue is another freeware client available for most systems.

The following are some resources that may be of use for your client:

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